Jun. 21, 2016

Deep Shadows-#1The Remnant by Vannetta Chapman

*****5 stars

Light Creates Horrific Darkness...


Fans of Terri Blackstock's the Restoration series will enjoy Vannetta Chapman's foray into the future from the past. Deep Shadows,#1 The Remnant, revolves around four friends. We meet author Shelby, whose son Carter has just graduated; lawyer Mark, her neighbor and past boyfriend; and Bianca and Patrick, their close friends. While hiking, the group discovers a solar flare so great that power throughout the country and possibly world has been cut off. The world as we know it changes drastically. Suddenly life becomes about survival, fighting off people who would seize what they can find, and taking care of the less fortunate. This is a truly terrorizing book because one cannot help but feel like this is a very real possibility in our world today.

Would our neighbors start arming themselves and setting up neighborhood watches? Would people become a law unto themselves?

Fortunately, the characters in this book have a solid faith to rely upon. Sometimes they have to shore each other up, as disaster upon disaster seems to occur. Are they strong enough to overcome the obstacles? And will Shelby ever look at Mark the way he wants her too? How far will Shelby go to protect her son? Chapman writes in such a way that draws you unwillingly into the now unstable town. You, the reader,vicariously cannot escape the effects of the solar flare, but must use all your wits, faith, and friendships to see you through this horrific time.

This is only book one, and the book ended on a definite note of more to come. There are also discussion questions and lists of things needed to stockpile for such an emergency.

I gratefully received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.