Jun. 21, 2016

Risen: the Novelization of the Major Motion Picture

 ***** 5 stars

From Roman Pig to Jesus's Sheep...

I loved this powerful,emotional book by Angela Hunt. A novelization of the motion picture by Paul Aiello and Kevin Reynolds, it contained a lot of brutality that was present at the time of Jesus's crucifixion. In fact, the main character, Clavius, is a Roman Tribune who has hardened himself to the death he sees and causes in Judea by the phrase,"Rome is always right." When Jesus's tomb is found empty, Clavius is commissioned to discover where His body could be and who could have removed it. 

Rachel, a young Jewish widower, is the other narrator in this moving tale told in the first person pov. Rachel is looking for peace and love, but uncertain whether she can find either in Clavius.

Clavius brings in persons of interest to question regarding people claiming to see Jesus, post-resurrection. One old, blind woman, Miriam,asks Clavius, '"Don't you want to know what He said?"...
"Of course."
"He said a grain of wheat that falls to the earth and dies produces much fruit." Her face glowed with confidence. "You're too late to stop the harvest." '

My thoughts on the story itself:
The Scriptures used fit into place well, although some of what Jesus said was actually spoken before His death. I was impressed by the research that went into the project.
The story flowed well between the two narrators, and the action kept me quickly turning pages. It was easy to identify with the characters, and to hope that they would eventually identify with the Messiah. I was not expecting the ending. If you like Biblical fiction, this is a great book to flesh out the Scripture!  I highly recommend this book!