Jun. 13, 2016

Murder, Handcrafted,#5 Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries

***** 5 Stars

Butt What a Fun Cozy!!

Just fun! Exactly what a cozy should be. Isabella Alan (Amanda Flowers) ends her Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series as sharply as ever.In Murder, Handcrafted, we return to the quaint Amish village of Rolling Brook, Ohio. Actually, therein lies a great portion of the problems in this series... the Englischers who move in make the Amish antsy. Will they be able to maintain their way of life with tourists overrunning the town? Will the return of Englischer Angie spell permanent trouble for her Amish friend Jonah's marriage?

And in this volume, electricity,forbidden to the Amish spells disaster for Amish and Englischer alike. Just how much investigating can Angie do before her boyfriend Sheriff Mitchell of the aquamarine eyes sets her straight?The Amish don't believe in the Abominable Snowman, yet it seems the Yeti has come and attracted unwanted publicity to Rolling Brook.

I loved how the story flowed smoothly. Characters from previous books returned, either more likeable or more quirky and hilarious! Petunia the goat is a stroke of genius, although Angie is unbelievably patient with a goat that has a continual habit of head-butting her. Give yourself a fun break with this cozy!