May. 29, 2016

Faith,#3 Quaker Brides, by Lyn Cote

*****5 stars

Lyn Cote's novels of the Civil War Era immerse the reader in a tense world of hate vs. love, slavery vs. freedom, and wars within and without vs. peace. Faith, #3,of the Quaker Brides, is the last of this magnificent series. 

Well-researched, we get a taste of the disdain for females on the front as we see the treatment Dr. Dyson and others give Faith and Honoree. We live first-hand the tension of those who fight to end slavery. yet own slaves through Devlin and his manservant, Armstrong. And of course, we get a wonderful, terrifying taste of history as we live through stragegy, battles, and their ensuing carnage. Lyn shows us Where peace can be found, if we are courageous enough to look there.

This one goes on my keeper shelf! I was gratefully gifted this book from in exchange for an honest review.