May. 28, 2016

Tea Cups and Carnage, #7 Tourist Trap Mystery Series by Lynn Cahoon

I have found a new cozy series to follow. Lynn Cahoon in Tea Cups and Carnage introduces us to a very realistic set of cozy players who combine to make the perfect recipe for murder. We are given the main characters, Greg, a good looking policeman, and his girlfriend,Jill Gardner, who runs the local coffee shop and tries to solve mysteries before her lawman boyfriend. Aunt Jackie is a bit overbearing; and Kathi, owner of the new tea shop, her sister Ivy, who seems to hate her; and chick-magnet Toby,plus Josh, Jackie's former boyfriend, all add depth and layers to the story. When the coffee shop comes up missing money and a dead body is found, both Greg and Jill are left to scramble separately to put the pieces together before another corpse appears.

***** 5 stars

Lynn recounts the action in such a way you will feel this could happen in your small town amongst any given group of business people. I was drawn into the action and readily identified with the coffee-loving business owner who was trying out a new idea. Frankly, I found most everything about the book interesting, from the idea of the main character owning a coffee shop, to the expansion of said shop into a beach truck, to selling books, to the mystery, to the romance, it is all just appealing.

Quotable:"You design a plan,implement it,then start over when it works or doesn't.You never really fail,you just find ways that don't work."

This is a book that DOES work, and I gratefully received it from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.