May. 22, 2016

Murder Comes by Mail, #2 Hidden Springs Mysteries

**** 4 stars

Trailing Murder, Ask Most Important Questions...


Michael Keane is the deputy in the sleepy little town of Hidden Springs. He gains unwanted notoriety as a hero when he saves a stranger from jumping off the local bridge. "You'll wish you pushed me," grits out the ungrateful fellow.

AH Gabhart's book, Murder Comes by Mail, is book two of the Hidden Springs Mysteries. The story churns laboriously at first, seemingly moving at the pace of the old, quiet, back-woods town itself.

Finally, about half-way through, the dam breaks and all you-know what starts to break lose. Unfortunately, it centers around the deputy. First, people close to him are unsafe, then the hot-shot detective from the next town over decides that where there's smoke, there's fire. The maelstrom, as he sees it, has Mike in the middle, so he must be guilty.

The last half of the book is so exciting, it almost makes up for the lackluster beginning. Hank Leland is a great quirky character that you'll love to hate, right along with the rest of the town.

Great quote:"...every man has his demons. The successful man is he who learns to control his." The burning question is, which character's demons are causing a rash of murders and fear in this town?

I gratefully received a copy of this book from the Revellreads program.