May. 19, 2016

The Jupiter Lighthouse by Frederic St. Laurent, Sr

**** 4 stars

Lighthouse w/a Mind of its Own...


Fred St. Laurent,Sr, has given us a historical fiction mixed with the paranormal in his book, The Jupiter Lighthouse. My attention was quickly captured by the recounting o' the chilling nor'easter that attacked the Valentine ferociously near the light. Even then, back in the early 1900's, something unexplainable was at work in the lighthouse. It would work intermittently, capriciously, or not at all.

We are treated to the history of the building of the lighthouse, through a logbook that the new present day keeper's daughter (Amy Simmons)finds. The history involves the local Seminole Indians, the white men taking over their land, the Civil War, and even one of the World Wars.

Amy, her brother, and Pete, the assistant light keeper, decide to find out what causes the horrible noises and strange goings-on in the lighthouse. Boy, are they in for a surprise. So was I, as the book took a turn that totally surprised me.

An interesting tale including some history of the Jupiter lighthouse. I must say, I became involved enough to Google a map of Florida to locate Jupiter. I did wish for a map in the book, plus a little more editing. Still, a worthwhile,educational read.

I gratefully received a copy of this ebook from in exchange for an honest review.