May. 16, 2016

Tangled Lies by Connie Mann

***** 5 stars

Be Still, My Racing Heart!!

Just having finished Connie Mann's Tangled Lies, I am sitting in my chair and waiting for my racing heart to still. This story is about water and a woman captain, Sasha,whose heart is calmed by being on the water. However, there is nothing calm qor boring about this novel. Sasha finally returns home to her foster parents' to celebrate her mother's birthday, only to discover her mother has cancer. Plus her folks have a new foster daughter, Blaze, as prickly as Sasha once was. 

To add to Sasha's confusion is the return of an old friend, Jesse, whom the town has rejected because of his past. Together, the two try to solve the mystery of Sasha's missing brother Tony, who disappeared as a toddler. Can they trust each other enough to open up and work together or will feelings and regrets get in the way?

Connie had me flipping pages as fast as I could to see why the town was so unhappy over Jesse's return and why there were so many secrets surrounding Tony's disappearance. The suspense hangs palpable over the novel like a dense fog that refuses to clear until the very end. A satisfying, clean romance is sprinkled throughout, but it is the unexpected waves of action, the subterfuge, and the totally shocking conclusion that makes this tome a favorite!!

I gratefully received an ARC copy of this ebook both from the author and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.