May. 12, 2016

Miriam-#2Treasures of the Nile by Mesu Andrews

*****5 stars

Exciting Biblical Fiction!!

Just finished Miriam by Mesu Andrews. If you wonder what MAY have happened between the Bible verses, read The Pharaoh's Daughter first, followed by Miriam!! Excitement, romance, terror, truth, and "it could have beens" all rolled into one, showing God's great power!!

The first three sentences convinced me Miriam would be a book I would love to read. Miriam starts out being satisfied being the lone prophetess of
God for Israel. As God begins to work His deliverance through other leaders, including her brothers Aaron and Moses(Mehy), Miriam skulks about and feels lost in a new relationship with a God she no longer understands.

Warriors,princes,slaves, Egyptian neighbors; each character parades across the novel's stage with great purpose and seamlessly weaves the story line into a very cohesive but somewhat surprising whole.

I loved that at least one question I've always had found a plausible answer that could fit the biblical bill. Great discussion questions at the end.

I gratefully received this book from mommynificent's website and in conjunction with the largess of Mesu Andrews and Waterbrook Press.