May. 3, 2016

The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton

***** 5 stars

Definitely a Fan!!


" 'Water under the bridge and all that.'
'Seems that water hit a dam and flooded and now Abigail's caught in it.' " What a quote that neatly sums up much of this fantastic story, The Amish Firefighter, by Laura V. Hilton. If I wasn't a fan before, I'm a life-long fan now.

Hilton spins the tale of young Abigail, abandoned by her family to an aenti and onkel in a strange community. Searching for friends lands her as a lead suspect in Amish barn fires. Sam,an Amish firefighter, is the first to discover her after a fire. She sets his heart on fire, and he can't decide whether she needs help or incarceration.

Hilton deftly draws her characters so lifelike that the reader feels the angst of discovering the burning barns;the fear of rejection;the frustration of knowing people are sweeping your secrets under the rug (but not telling you); the taste of Zelda's dreaded bean soup.

Some messages gleaned: Secrets kept for protection often backfire. God is merciful to forgive. Christians need to be reliable. People tend to read Christians' failures as God's failures.

Can't wait for Laura V. Hilton's next book! I gratefully received this one from in exchange for an honest review.