May. 3, 2016

The Quieting,#2 the Bishop's Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher

***** 5 stars

Beware the Mammi!!


David Stoltzfus is in trouble. His family is under attack otherwise called a visit from Mammi and two cousins. Plus,everyone for miles around knows the Stoney Ridge church is divided over the current bishop,whom it is rumored switched the lots. 

Helpful and full of advice where neither is desired, Mammi and cousin Abigail in particular not only wreak havoc on the house but decide which relationships should exist while destroying familial ones. And we haven't even mentioned David's love life or the store!! 

In a religion where the bishop is to be obeyed without question, what will become of the community as it takes sides between the two preachers?

Pride, justice, deception, interfamily relationships, repentance, redemption, and humility are all themes presented. Also, an important idea is assuming one person's values,opinions,or ways automatically merit more value than those of others. ("Mammi the Meddler" is a prime example here!)

The Quieting, by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a wonderfully challenging and thoughtful novel, second in the Bishop's Family series. I was happy to see the listing of characters in the front of the book, since this was my first Fisher book. I felt no sense of being lost, as Fisher did a great job with providing enough back story to make this story stand on its own. It will be standing in my mind, being mulled over for some time to come!!

I gratefully received this book from the Revellreads program in exchange for an honest review.