May. 1, 2016

Medical Judgment by Richard Mabry

***** 5 stars

Thoroughly Enjoyable Medical Suspense!!

Dr. Mabry again caught my attention with his latest well-plotted medical thriller, Medical Judgment. Sarah Gordon is an ER doctor who recently lost her husband and young daughter in a car accident. She wakes up to the smell of fire. So begins the torturous race to locate a deranged stalker before he can end Sarah's life.

I liked the protagonist, but I like her even more as the tension grew and she has to decide how to keep herself from falling apart. I loved the look at three of the main male characters. They are intriguing, they have real depth, and they all possess traits that can make or break and change the course of the book. So, in my mind, this book was about not just who survives physically, but who survives emotionally. The ending snuck up on me while I was trying to figure out who done it.

Mabry's novel is clean, exciting, and deals with subjects like revenge, trust, the grieving process, and how God fits into one's life in the healing process. I would recommend this thriller to both men and women.

I gratefully received an egalley of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.