Apr. 24, 2016

Magnolia Duchess, bk#3 Gulf Coast Chronicles by Beth White

**** 4 stars

Sweeping Saga of Lanier Family Continues...

I was thrilled to see book three of the Gulf Coast Chronicles,Magnolia Duchess, come out. Beth White always keeps me spellbound with her sweeping sagas of the Lanier family as they live and love through tumultuous periods of history in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. 

In 1814,young Fiona (scandalously, a horse trainer) finds Charlie Kincaid washed up on shore and nearly dead. With amnesia affecting his brain,Fiona and her family choose to harbor Charlie and ignore the niggling suspicions of why he shows up in wartime.

We are also treated to a re-acquaintance with Rafe and Lyse from book two, plus other extended family members like Sehoy, Maddie, and Desi Palomo.

I enjoyed the multi-layered,faith filled story. With multiple romances and a tense on-going war,there is plenty of excitement, action, and uncertainty. I am still pondering the big question: loyalty to country or to love?

This would have been a perfect book,except it was missing two things. I desperately wanted to see a family tree in the front of the book and a map of the Gulf Coast area. I eventually looked up maps of the area, because I was confused and lost about where the action was taking place and how it all fit in. To be fair, at the end Beth White includes a note that both of these things are on her website. Not where I needed them when I needed them. 

Great book,but have Beth White's website handy as you read. It'll make the experience that much richer!

I gratefully received this book free for an honest review from the Revellreads program.