Apr. 23, 2016

Web of Secrets.Bk#3 of Agents Under Fire by Susan Sleeman

*****5 stars

Susan Sleeman is a master at exposing the minds of human beasts,while keeping her stories at once clean, terrifying, and romantic. Web of Secrets, third in the Agents Under Fire series, lives up to the expected hype of her previous novels. This tale focuses on fiercely independent, former foster child Rebecca, now on the FBI's Cyber Action Team.

Formerly held captive by a madman known as Van Gogh, Rebecca holds guilt over her escape.Believing her escape cost another's death, she gains a new identity but spends all her spare time hunting for the crazed killer who is also hunting her.

Identity theft crimes, insurance fraud, homeless foster kids who left the system only to find themselves easy prey, all help build this tense, taut story. Rebecca refuses to get close to the handsome police detective Connor,feeling love only engenders loss and distraction. She holds her secrets close to her vest. 

Usually thrillers just leave me very afraid, but in awe of the author who can weave such a tangled narrative. This one actually contained two lessons for me, and maybe others:

1)There is no "I" in team. A team needs everyone being honest, sharing what they know, being trustworthy. No one should be a loner.

2)Get rid of the pearl earrings, lol!

Congrats, Susan Sleeman, truly a terrifically terrifying romantic thriller that I can trust to be clean, fun, and satisfying at the same time!!

I received an ARC of this book from the author,publisher, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.