Apr. 21, 2016

Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

***** 5 stars

Love Laura Frantz's KY historical romances! 


Morrow survives a murderous Shawnee raid on her family as a child, but many scars remain. While her father befriends a Shawnee chief and his son, Morrow resents their intrusions into her frontier life. Her distrust and even hatred are mirrored by many of the white folk of the time. Frantz paints a disturbing picture of peoples of both races whose unforgiving hearts drive them to commit terrible atrocities.

Fortunately, this is also a story of Morrow as she comes of age. The excitement of goings-on in a fort, multiple suitors, hidden meetings, a country with divided loyalties, and a struggle to balance all with faith make this an interesting and suspenseful read.

Frantz has a way with prose that will make you believe you are present in the pristine Kentucky wilderness. You may be wary of quiet Indian scouts who descend upon you with no warning. And you will feel your scalp tingle,hoping you can keep it attached to your head, as you encourage Morrow who best to trust in a world marred by greed and retribution. Can faith win out?