Apr. 16, 2016

The Pharaoh's Daughter;A Treasures of the Nile novel by Mesu Andrews

***** 5 stars

Intrigue in the Court!!

Thank you, Mesu Andrews!! I, like the main character, Anippe, didn't really have a clue to how bad the Israelite slavery was, or the depravity of man in war could be. In the Pharaoh's Daughter, Mesu paints a graphic picture of the intrigue,avarice,insanity, and violence of ancient Egypt. 

Having always been fascinated with the pyramids, the hieroglyphics, the stories of the ancient Egyptian gods, here is the the counterpoint to that amazing view. We see not only the riches and power of Egypt, but the corruption, the devaluation women, the plotting to ascend and keep the throne,the horrific condition of slaves.

Fear, peace,terror, greed, contentment, want, plenty, life, death, love, and hate;all are woven together as deftly as the famous Egyptian cotton into an incredibly moving story that will stay with me forever.

Halfway through this story, I wondered how Mesu can justify not sticking to Biblical accounts. As I read on, I was amazed at the twists that proved that Mesu DOES INDEED STAY TRUE TO SCRIPTURE, but uses strategic verses and story turns that sews everything seamlessly together. 

I was thrilled to received this book and another as a gift through a contest sponsored by Mesu Andrews, Multmomah/Waterbrook, and Mommynificent's blog.