Mar. 25, 2016

Emergency Response, #4 First Responders by Susan Sleeman

***** 5 stars

Another truly riveting addition to Susan Sleeman's First 11 series, Emergency Response takes up the story of EMT Darcie. The first sentence had me in another world of heart-stopping suspense, drug-riddled neighborhoods and desperation.

Fans of Dee Henderson's O'Malley series will find this novel especially striking a strong chord. This tale,even more so than the others so far, really focuses on relationships of the First Responders as a close-knit group. Darcie Stevens has been the one of the group to hold herself back because of her tragic past. As Darcie is forced to rely on Noah Lockhart, a detective, for protection, her double-mindedness about her feelings for him is reflected in his actions as well. Will Darcie choose to open up to Noah and her housemates, or will she play it safe with her emotions? I loved that there were so many different relationships woven into the narrative and affected by Darcie's choices. I loved seeing how the Responders are beginning to firmly gel into a cohesive, almost related group. They have developed emotionally with the progression of the series.

Susan's writing is concise, urgent, and full of a magnetic force that sweeps you into the adventure of terror and love. My recommendation is to set aside enough time to read this book in one setting. You'll be glad you did! Also,the stories can stand alone, but are so much more yummy read in order!

I gratefully received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.