Mar. 25, 2016

Happily Ticked Off by Andrea Frazer

****4 STARS

Tourette's diagnosis is NOT a death sentence, for you or your child. However, it initially was for Andrea Frazier, who slowly learned lessons along her journey with her son who was diagnosed at four. With incredible, chortle-aloud humor and succinct takeaways at the end of each chapter, Andrea has written Happily Ticked Off as a resource and encouragement for other mothers who may be as overwhelmed as she originally was.

Andrea tackles the subject honestly, irreverently, letting the reader see her raw emotions. We see the death of her dreams for her son, Nicky, her repeated frustration with her husband who doesn't take the Tourette's so seriously. We also have a front row seat to her hopelessness as Nicky progresses in school and tic manifestation.

I loved this book. Andrea eventually reaches the end if her rope and has to decide who can best support her. She actually comes up with two answers, not what she was expecting, but what she had to accept to survive. She definitely found that humor was a great coping mechanism, which goes along with the idea I think she reiterates at nearly the end of every chapter., "take one day at a time." Don't take yourself so seriously.

Quotable quotes(there were oh,so many!):
1)"Be the hero, instead of the one being saved."
2)"Try and understand your spouse's viewpoint..."(if you disagree on how to handle the Tourette's)..."because a peaceful home has a stronger impact than a warring one."

I loved that Andrea actually came up with a behavior plan for the teacher that actually was easy for the teacher to implement, but put the onus on Andrea as the parent to provide rewards or discipline.

The only thing I didn't like was that this book used a lot of language for being billed as a Christian book. My rating because of that, PG and 4 stars.

I gratefully received this book from in exchange for an honest review.