Mar. 18, 2016

Web of Shadows by Susan Sleeman

*****5 Stars

GIve yourself a Susan Sleeman book, a coke or coffee, a little quiet. You will emerge for air in a couple of hours, thoroughly entertained, totally terrified, and amazed at the writing prowess of Sleeman, who can control your emotions through the power of her pen. Indeed, in this second book of the Agents Under Fire series, Web of Shadows,Ms. Sleeman again has produced a likable couple at odds (Navy Seal Quinn Stone and FBI agent Nina Brandt, his ex-girlfriend). They must work together to keep Quinn's younger brother out of jail, while trying to locate his computer that hacked the TSA's national security DO NOT FLY list.

As in her first book, Web of Deceit, Ms. Sleeman is adept at showing the mind of a deranged killer, this one who possesses a paranoia that drives much of his actions. Reading the book was like watching two chess players (If chess excited me) pit their keen minds against each other. Both protagonists, good and bad, were brilliant. The question is, which one will be able to outwit the other and in both cases, those around them, in order to avoid unthinkable disaster?

Sleeman's novels are always well-written, tightly wrapping tentacles of fear around the reader's heart. You feel the emotions of the characters as if they were your own. Her writing is tight, and no time is spared throwing the reading into the psychotic,shadowy underworld awaiting. As others have mentioned, I quickly thumbed pages to reach the end, only to be disappointed to have the adventure finally over. Don't miss this fantastic romantic suspense by Susan Sleeman!

I was gratefully gifted an advance copy from the author through Netgalley for an honest review, which I have given.