Mar. 17, 2016

A Devious Lot-Book 5 in Antiques and Collectibles series by Ellery Adams

Five Stars!*****

This was a great cozy mystery!! While A Devious Lot is book five in the Antiques and Collectibles series by Ellery Adams, I was able to follow along right from the start. Molly Appleby is an American who writes for an antiques magazine. She and her husband are on their honeymoon in England. While she wants to stir clear of death or mayhem, they literally come meowing at her aunt's door. And Molly can't refuse the local Inspector who asks for her help.

This novel is presented on two planes of reality. One is in 1850's England, where we meet Lillian Gilbert, who falls in love with Julius, but whose father insists she marry a much older, sinister and secret-keeping widower. The other plane, of course, is the present-day mystery Molly is trying to solve. The back and forth narrative was well done and added excitement to the tale.

By definition, a cozy has quirky characters. Indeed, Adams and her coauthor Riggs have well-populated this book with that ilk. I love the aunt, Tessa. Warm, caring, friendly, everyone needs an aunt like her. Tiffany is what some would call a "piece of work." I loved the characterization of Brenda Adair, although I didn't like her, at all!!

I really liked how the whole story came together at the end and think other readers will,too. I gratefully received this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.