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Feb. 18, 2018

***** 5 stars

Great Dual Timeline Novel of Historic Nantucket Island


Phoebe's Light starts by showing the severe persecution the Quakers endured when they first came to Massachusetts. This led to a small group leaving the mainland for a small island they called Nantucket.

Generations later, we meet Phoebe Starbuck. She is tired of her landlubber father's losing ways and enamored of two very different men, one a whaler and one a landlubber. Her choice leads to an adventure quite unlike her expectations. She finds three things to help her. Her faith,  the diary of a great-grandmother, and the faithfulness of a good friend.

This story includes some very sobering moments. I was thankful to find that Suzanne Woods Fisher lightened some of those with a great and timely sense of humor.

This is a novel of dual timelines that fit together perfectly at the end. This was one of the best-woven tie-ins I've seen in this genre. With this book, Suzanne Woods Fisher is cementing her place in my list of favorite authors. I cannot wait for the next installment!


Feb. 9, 2018

***** 5 stars

Great Conclusion to Amish Cozy Series!

Who the Bishop Knows is the third book and conclusion in this sweet Amish cozy murder mysteries. If that doesn't sound like a juxtaposition, it should. I think that is why I like Vannetta Chapman's series so well. She holds up the slower, trusting life of the Amish, represented by Henry Lapp and Emma Fisher and her clan, against the fast-paced life of the English world as it invades Henry and Emma's world once again with murder.

I love Henry and Emma and so many things about them. Their growing relationship as they prepare for their marriage; their gentleness and determination to be supportive of each other in whatever way possible; and also, their mutual love for their flock as well. They complement each other perfectly in their care for the People.

Chapman reminds us that Amish young people face the same temptations as their Englischer counterparts. Jeremiah Schwartz has his sights set on the rodeo circuit before (if) he joins the Church, and something about that desire brings his death.

Chapman ups the ante in this last book by limiting Henry's abilities. It is so neat to see how he and Emma finally reach their conclusions by other means.There were several other surprises as well that helped make this story the treat that I had expected. If you love Amish and cozies, you won't go wrong in picking up this series or this book. Best as part of the series, Who the Bishop Knows can stand alone as well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher. I am under no obligation to leave a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

Quotable: " Sometimes dishonesty wasn't a matter of telling a lie. Sometimes it was as simple as not telling the truth."

Feb. 5, 2018

***** 5 stars

Radical Forgiveness or Festering Memories?


What an unforgettable novel of a dark time in our nation and the division that still exists between races today.

Katie Parker endures an unspeakable tragedy in Alabama in the 1960's. Lynn Cornell graphically describes segregation, social unrest, and racial hatred. You will feel Katie's fear and horror and pray for her rescue. You will breathe easier as you read of the slow societal changes with time and location.

However, just when Katie thinks her world has improved for the better, she begins to see racism rear its ugly head in other forms. (My own stomach again began to knot.) What she discovers in her own heart and what Christ asks of her becomes both surprising and difficult as God answers her prayer for a loved one through the most amazing of people.

This novel will stun you, make you cry, make you happy, and make you think. No matter to what race you belong, we all need to heed God's call to unconditional forgiveness and love, following Christ's example. Highly recommended.

 I was gifted a copy of this book from the author. (I also bought a copy.) However, a positive review was not required and all opinions are my own.


Feb. 5, 2018

***** 5 stars

Cozy with Unusual Depth

 I just finished Amy Rognlie's Christian cozy, Make Haste Slowly. What an unusual, full of "real-life issues" cozy. You don't want to miss it!

At end of the book, there is a list of verses and reasons from them why we can have hope, even in difficulties. Entertainment with answers!


Jan. 23, 2018

***** 5 stars

Loved This Book by Angela Ruth Strong!


I so loved this book. I read it by littles, savoring it slowly. Angela Ruth Strong's books always have that magic mixture of reality, warm humor, and essential faith. 

With lots of unexpected twists, Finding Love in Eureka, California, is such a great blend of stark reality and dry wit. I found myself laughing my way through the book, even as it dealt with the problems of severely dysfunctional adopted siblings. The airport antics and blossoming romance completed a perfect setting for a book I'll long remember. Highly recommended!!

I received a complimentary ARC copy of this book from the author, which in no way affects my opinions, which are solely my own.